Accounting For Non-Accountants Courses in Dubai

Get the fundamental introduction to accounting and learn how it can be best applied in your respective fields with Edoxi's Accounting for Non-Accountants Course in Dubai.

  • Understand the basic accounting concepts
  • Understand the accounting cycle and its methods
  • Practice financial statements’ adjustments at month and year-end
  • Improve your understanding and techniques of the language of numbers
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic accounting equation, double-entry bookkeeping, and the new automated accounting systems
Students preparing for accounting for non accountants courses

Here's All You Need To Learn the Fundamentals of Accounting As A Non Accountant

Accounting for non-accountants is a training course which explains to individuals everything which they need to understand the basics of accounting. For any business, accounting is a must. It’s not right to depend on an accountant because in case if there is any problem that occurs, then you are the one who is going to hold the greatest responsibility. You are the one who should see total mistakes in the bookkeeping and reports of finance. Also, getting a grasp of accounting will help you to manage your business effectively. Edoxi training institute is offering the best training for accounting courses in Dubai for professionals who have much interest in this field of study.

Course Methodology:

Our professional accounting course utilizes a combination of interactive methods like brief presentations by consultants and the other contestants besides indicating abstract key accounting topics. This course also has case studies of real-life which are conversed, resolved, and presented by contestants.

Course Outline:

  • Introducing accounting and financial statements
  • Global financial reporting standards
  • The balance sheet and its elements
  • Double-entry accounting
  • Cash flow statement
  • Income statements
  • Alterations to financial statements
  • Net equity
  • General ledger, trial balance and final year
  • Accounting control systems
  • Introduction to scrutiny and audit
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Capital Structure Analysis

There are more topics which are included in this course and these are just a few for your understanding. If you would like to get to know more about the topics and its benefits to you or the organization you work with, get in touch for a session that helps you understand its needs and necessities.

Objectives of this course:

  • This accounting for non-accountants training course allows individuals to compact with the economic supporters and the legal concerns regarding to chic, bills of exchange, and etc.
  • Examine and know the bond registration, trial balances, finances, and other beneficiaries.

The target audience for this course:

  • Accounting students
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Owners of any business
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Accounting professionals

Also, anyone who has a desire to learn to account can be the target audience for this course.

What you learn:

By the time of completing this course, individuals will be capable of:

  • Defining accounting and its cycle.
  • Recognize the most important rules and values of accounting beneath the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Display skill of the fundamental accounting equation, latest mechanized accounting systems, and double-entry bookkeeping.
  • Record the key financial statements such as alterations in shareholders’ equity, balance sheet, statement of income, and statement of cash flow, and also their components.
  • Run through financial statements’ modifications at the end of the month and the year.

By attending our accounting classes in Dubai, you will get trained on the basics of accounting, analysis of financial statements, and more. You will be grateful for the association with finance and accounting and know the uses of credit and debit. Finally, this course assists you in recording the financial transactions precisely and gives a brief of them in financial statements. Edoxi training institute will guarantee you that the accounting training in Dubai you undertake will lead you to success.

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