Animation Courses in Dubai

Undertake our animation courses to build your expertise in all facets of Animation and learn techniques to design fantasy animated characters.

  • Understand character designing
  • Learn techniques to design animated characters
  • Learn to create stunning unique environments
  • Organize your workflow to make large environment scenes
  • Get certification and be recognized as an animator
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Animation Courses

Animation Training in Dubai

Animation Training in Dubai

Learn to design animated characters, backgrounds, and detailed inking

Throughout the course, you will be trained to use the advanced tools used to create stunning animated characters. After becoming familiar with the design and interface of the software, you will learn how to create a landscape design from scratch. Additional training in this regard will teach you how to apply materials, lights, and even advanced node systems to the models.

You will learn to use basic to advanced features of the software used to make animations like Adobe Photoshop CC, Blender 3D, and more. You will get in-lab training to work on port-folio worthy projects.

Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai will train you to design high quality animated characters. After this course, you can begin the building process, first making a simple building, and after making some progress you can start creating more advanced buildings, including ornaments. Finally, this course will teach you how to make an organization plan and rich environments.

You will learn the following things form our animation training 

  • Comprehend animation design
    Our well-recognized animators will help you to understand basic theories of character design and how to use features in software. You will be able to create rich animated scenes.
  • Learn create a unique animation
    Our animation courses will enable you to create industry-standard animation which includes excellent character design, attention to detail, and rich scenery.
  • Add animation skills to portfolio
    We will let you work on portfolio-worthy projects. Join us today to become an expert animator and attain professional skills to initiate your career as an innovative animator. 

We will help you to become a professional and innovative animator

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