Financial Accounting Courses in Dubai

Build skills in everything from basic financial statements to taxes to significant decision making with the best Financial Accounting Course in Dubai.

  • Prepare and use t-accounts 
  • Use journal entries to record transactions 
  • Use financial statements to track cash flow
  • Summarize transactions recorded during an accounting period
  • Learn the practice of keeping records for financial transactions
  • Explore a Career in Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting

Everything You Need knows to Jump-start Your Financial Accounting Training 

Financial accounting is the process of recording, briefing, and reporting several transactions effecting from operations of a business over certain timeframe. All the transactions are briefed in the training of the financial statements, which include balance sheet, statement of cash flow, and the statement of income that sum up organizations performance in a particular period. Edoxi training institute is providing financial accounting training in Dubai for interested candidates. If you are working in an organization in any department of the accounting field, then our financial accounting classes in Dubai will be of immense help.

Financial accounting encompasses of data that organizations make available to the common people such as customers, stockholders, and regulatory commissions. Ever thought that is accounting necessary? Yes! It is very much necessary because, it’s the only method for organizations to develop and thrive. Accounting is the spine of an organizations financial world. Of course, accounting was built in answer to the growth of trade and commerce throughout the medieval times.

Topics included in Financial Accounting:

  • Need and significance of accounting
  • Organization of accounts
  • Classification of cash flows
  • Accounting as a business language
  • Difference between perpetual and periodic inventory system
  • Business transaction and its characteristics
  • Differentiation between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure
  • Categorization of business transactions
  • Definition and justification of bill of exchange
  • Trial balance: An opening point for final accounts
  • Direct and indirect expenses
  • Meanings and sources of income
  • Clarification of work sheet
  • Single and double entry system
  • Income and expenditure account
  • Definition and explanation of no-profit organizations
  • Significant factors for understanding ratios analysis
  • Steps in preparing cash flow statement

What you learn from this course:

Our accounting training in Dubai helps you in getting an understanding of the following accounting concepts:

  • You will understand the accounting equation
  • You will know the rules of accounting
  • You will help in recording the transactions
  • You will get a deeper understanding of adjusting & resolving the books
  • How to prepare financial statements
  • How to analyze the financial statements
  • Integration of the books

These are few things which you will learn while getting trained at our accounting classes in Dubai. There are many more advanced topics which our experts will help you learn once you join our training.

Our expert training:

The key to knowing the building blocks of any kind of financial analysis is growing the solid basics of financial accounting. With realistic examples and training, this course demonstrates the basics of financial accounting to practice students for success as a professional in finance. Our expert training on all the topics related to accounting will give you a grasp of what exactly it is and how effectively using it will make you succeed.

Edoxi training institute is the best accounting institute in Dubai as of now and our experience in this field is immense. Many students who have taken our financial accounting training have successfully got a job in some of the finest companies. So, want to be one of them? Then, give us a call and pave your way for a bright future ahead.

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