German Language Course in Dubai

Learn German language by gaining skills on reading, writing, speaking and grammar to fluently communicate German everyday.

  • Learn and assess through different language levels
  • Mock Assessments and tests to improve language skills
  • Self-paced learning option from industry-led instructors
  • Earn the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE

German Language Course: Basic to Advanced Language Development

Learning a new language has been so important these days for students who have the desire to study abroad. Students traveling abroad to European countries must and should learn German if they go to Germany for higher studies. As Germany is one of the most visited places to study abroad, learning the language will give you a fair bit of advantage compared to others. So, each one of us must pay attention to learning the language or you may land on the disadvantageous side. Edoxi Training Institute is providing German Language Training in Dubai for interested candidates who want to master the language. The German language has 2 levels. You will see each of them in detail now.

German language A1 level:

In the German language A1 level, individuals will learn the basics such as giving expressions, learning simple sentences that help solve the basic needs. In the A1 level, you will learn to introduce others and ask questions. For suppose you will ask questions like, how are you, where do you live, and other basic questions. So, this level of German training will help you master communication with others quickly.

German language A2 level:

In the German language A2 level, you will be able to learn and understand sentences normally. You can speak on a topic slowly so that everyone will understand. Give expressions related to the words you speak. For suppose: Ask about other personal info, asking and knowing about their family, surroundings, work, etc. You will also easily learn how to describe yourselves, your educational background, and many more.

Objectives of our German Language Training in Dubai:

Here are the main objectives of our German certification course in Dubai:

  • Learn how to introduce yourself in the German language.
  • Give expressions for the words you speak.
  • Introduce yourself to others by giving complete information.
  • Learn German articles, a dative case, plural, prepositions, etc.
  • Learn about separable and inseparable verbs along with modal verbs.
  • Ask others about their information and try to have a conversation in the German language to slowly gain proficiency.

These are the main objectives of our German Language course in Dubai. There are more which you will learn after joining our training sessions.

Who can do this course:

Anyone who has an interest to learn the German language can join this course training or if you want to pursue studies in German-speaking countries, then you can join our German Language classes in Dubai.

Why Choose Edoxi for German Language Course in Dubai?

A few important reasons why students prefer to join us include:

  • We offer training by understanding the up-to-date advancements which are happening in the industry.
  • You can check our reviews and ratings on all the social media channels and also on Google My Business page. They are very high when compared to others in the industry.
  • Besides giving training to students, we also offer customized training to corporate employees to meet the demands of the firms.
  • Our training center timings are extremely flexible and very comfortable as per your needs. You can join our morning or evening sessions as per your flexibility.
  • Learning German at our institute is very much fun. It is an amazing experience that you get without any doubt.
  • Our trainers are always on the verge of appending the latest concepts through videos, reading material, etc. to our curriculum which is very unique, so that learning is enhanced.
  • We don’t charge much for our students. Our charges are pretty much low when compared to others in the market.
  • The major strength for the growth of our training institute is the word of mouth publicity. We have literally observed that more than 30% of the students who join our training institute are from the reference of our previous and current students.
  • We carefully understand the present scenario of the industry and what employers seek in the individuals and then we devise our training strategy effectively. This helps candidates in getting a job quickly.

These are the main reasons why you must join our German Language Training Institute in Dubai.


So, if you are looking for the German Language Training Institute in Dubai, then we are the best German Language Training Institute in Dubai as of now. We have helped many students to successfully learn the German language with ease. They are now pursuing higher studies in Germany and other places where German is the main language of communication. So, if you wish to be one of the successful students who have learned the German language with us, then give us a call immediately on 058-1236600.

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