HR Training in Dubai

Take Human Resources training to effectively manage human resources (HR) and to create a positive workplace culture. Gain the right qualifications and professional accreditation from Edoxi.

  • Learn the management of an organization’s human resources 
  • Learn to formulate and implement human resources strategies
  • Learn the legal concepts of Human Resources
  • Attain a broader suite of knowledge on HR Management
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Human Resources Courses

Everything You Need to Get Started with HR Training 

Human Resources or more commonly known as HR is an indispensable part of an organization's function. From recruiting, managing to directing and retaining talented employees, the role of a Human Resources Professional is cumbersome. Along with the skills required to handle multiple functions, the realm of responsibilities dealt with by HR is diverse. It plays a critically massive role in the success of a business. 

Today, Human Resource Management (HRM) has moved from traditional approaches to a strategic approach to utilize employees and create a measurable impact on organizational growth. HR professionals' challenging roles include determining, developing, and maintaining a work-conducive and employee-friendly corporate culture. Factors such as performance management, compensation, benefits, employee safety and wellness, motivation, training, and development, etc., are other fundamental aspects in HR management that contribute to an organization's success.

In light of this, HR professionals play a pivotal role in employee satisfaction and motivation at work and, ultimately, achieve organizational goals and objectives. Edoxi Training Institute offers highly professional HR Training in Dubai on various HR Courses. We help aspirants to be job-ready and contribute to an organization's success. 

How an HR Certification can Help Your Career? 

The technological, demographic, and socio-economic changes happening today stresses the need for skilled HR professionals. With businesses moving from physical spaces to working virtually, the need to maintain values, policies, discipline, employee engagement, and satisfaction across offices requires experience and advanced skills. Therefore, getting an HR Certification would help you advance your career and be better prepared to minimize or eliminate the undesired impact. 

Benefits of Securing an HR Certification

The benefits of having an HR Certification include; 

  • The certifications are beneficial if you want to break into a career in HR.
  • It will prove that you have a good knowledge base. 
  • It will help you show businesses that you know what you’re doing.
  • When looking for human resources jobs, it will help give you an edge over the competition.
  • It will show a recruiter that you are serious about your career in human resources.
  • HR certification increases your possibility of negotiating for a higher salary when asking for a raise.
  • And, you have the chance to get a 17 percent higher pay than someone without a certification.

An HR certification is one way to prove you have the knowledge and skills to move up in your career, especially if you want a management position. A certificate can give you an up to 29 percent greater chance of getting a promotion.

Career Opportunities in Human Resources Professionals

There is a myriad of credentials that HR professionals could pursue. Not all industries value HR credentials equally. Healthcare, Retail & Customer Service, and Accommodation & Food Services value certification holders the most. These are also the industries where certification holders get the highest percentage boosts in pay. Meanwhile, Technology, Nonprofits, Engineering & Science value credentials the least. Yet, we have put together some of the more used and the top ten HR Credentials here. 

The jobs listed below represent some of the best jobs in human resources. These jobs are highly rated in terms of job satisfaction, career potential, variety, freedom, monetary compensation, and more. Always look for these job opportunities within the organization where you currently work. Also, look for these opportunities with other companies so that you do not limit your career growth.

HR Career Option Career Description
Chief HR Officer
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer is the top position you can obtain on the human resources executive track. A Chief HR Officer involved in developing HR strategies, policies, and goals for your company.
Human Resources Manager or Director
  • HR managers and directors work with the Chief HR Officer to plan, coordinate, execute, and manage HR activities. They are involved in guiding employees through the hiring process, explaining benefit programs, training employees, handling labour disputes, and other administrative tasks important to workers within a company.
International Human Resources Manager
  • If you love to travel, speak one or more foreign languages, and love interacting with other cultures with different customs, consider being an international human resources manager.
Training and Development Manager-
  • Training and development managers design the most effective coursework for employees that an organization wants to emphasize.
HR Consultant
  • Companies or human resources departments call a human resources consultant for advice and guidance or to solve a problem. HR consultants may specialize in one or more fields like workplace harassment, labour laws, employee acquisition, retainment, compensation and benefits, employee incentives and rewards programs, company culture after mergers and acquisitions, or employee motivation.
Executive Recruiter
  • Executive recruiter or Executive Headhunter) is a recruiting professional who focuses on finding candidates for filling executive positions within companies in various industries.
Labor Relations Manager
  • If you like negotiating contracts and getting the best deal possible for the workers, the role of Labor Relations Manager suits you well. Labour relations managers act as mediators between the employees and employer on behalf of a labour union representing the employees.
HR Analytics Specialist
  • HR Analytics Specialists help establish pay and benefits for employees.
Employment Manager
  • Employment managers have the same duties as HR managers and directors. They help people gain employment. Employment managers in a small business may have all the responsibilities of an HR manager. In contrast, an employment manager in a large corporation may only focus on recruiting, hiring, and staffing.
Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • If you want to know the hourly wage or annual salary in your organization, then a job as a compensation and benefits manager is the career for you. As a compensation and benefits manager, you are responsible for establishing a pay and benefits structure for employees.


The Future of Human Resources Management

The Human Resources field is going through a tremendous transformation. It possesses significant challenges to the professionals in this field and yields significant opportunities to those with the proper training and credentials. Professionals who have earned industry-recognized certifications may be well-positioned for success. 

What Will You Learn From Our HR Courses? 

Edoxi Training Institute offers an online and classroom-oriented program to help prepare HR professionals for the certification exams. Our HR certifications focus on both behavioural and technical competencies, which, combined, allow for situational judgment scenarios. HR certifications are essential for your career. 

The Major Objectives of Our HR Courses Are To:

  • Know how to address concerns expressed by the employees
  • Hire top talent & oversee the departure of current jobholders
  • Create effective career development programs
  • Evaluate individual and overall work performance
  • Learn to implement reward systems
  • Solve conflicts and other issues (e.g. sexual harassment, bullying) at the workplace
  • Provide guidance and help employees identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Design and evaluate strategies to increase the retention of personnel
  • Create a positive and enjoyable work environment
  • Build and maintain the company’s culture
  • Create and implement programmes that reflect the core values of the organisation

HR Training for Corporates

Digital technology has immensely transformed the business landscape, leading to a ripple effect across an organization's essential facets. Technology has enabled people to work across geographies, working remotely with organizations, and the current pandemic has accelerated this trend by making 'working from home the new normal.

Motivations and expectations of employees vis-a-vis organizations have changed dramatically, and human resource professionals are required to deal with complex challenges to ensure best practices are adopted for employee recruitment, employee engagement, development, and retention. This complex and challenging scenario mandates that human resource professionals adopt a much more agile, strategic, and innovative approach. At Edoxi Training Institute, we offer Corporate Training for HR Professionals and organizations in HR skills for managers, Compensation and Management, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition, and Organizational Development. 

Enrolling with Edoxi's Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management will equip participants to observe HR issues from an operational and a highly strategic perspective. It will enable you to comprehensively understand the fundamental principles of modern business models and facilitate the creation and implementation of future-ready HR strategies in sync with recruitment practices ideal for the future workforce.

Why choose Edoxi for HR Training in Dubai? 

Your HR Career success depends upon newsSkills and Certification. At Edoxi Training Institute, we give you the professional training to be an effective HR professional. 

Our HR Courses will help you:

  • To understand concepts such as strategic management.
  • Learn workforce planning, human resource development and organizational management
  • Along with the theoretical lessons, we give you training to gain practical skills to implement these concepts. 
  • Edoxi Training Institute's Human Resource Management Certifications program is an ideal way to gain critical skills. 
  • Our HR Classes are delivered both online and in the classroom. 

Therefore, the candidates can experience unmatched convenience as they learn from renowned HR experts from Edoxi Training Institute.