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article1Bhagya Azariah

5 ways to boost your Advanced English Skills during Covid-19 lockdown


Covid-19 has brought several words into widespread usage. Were you familiar with terms like quarantine, social distancing or pandemic ever before? So, Covid-19 has not only taken over our daily lives but has influenced the language we speak too. Such a fast-paced growth of the English language has made it a prerequisite for the foreseeable future. 

Although nationwide closures have come to ease, we bet that you still spend most of your time indoors. Wouldn’t it be an extra gain if you use this time to improve your English capabilities? 

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Or let’s do this! Beat your boredom by making your lockdown time productive with these five ways to boost your English language skills. 

  • Practice by Reading Aloud
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks
  • Talk to Yourself 
  • Watch English films and Youtube
  • Maintain a Diary in English 

Practice by Reading Aloud

Reading aloud is a useful way of polishing your language skills. Pick your favourite book or perhaps an e-book, online article you’d like to read. If you read the whole text in your mind, it may be of less help, but if you try reading it aloud, it becomes easier to identify mistakes or what holds you back from reading smoothly. To help your pronunciation improve, you can also resort to online resources. A mobile app can tell you if your words sound right.

Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

Audiobooks and podcasts are very convenient resources to excel in English. You can access them anywhere, anytime. It is essential to make the most out of these excellent tools to correct your pronunciation. Podcasts are available in a variety of topics and may have transcripts that let you read as you listen. Here again, you could pause and read aloud words that you may find difficult to pronounce.  

Talking of audiobooks, there are a number of then open to free access. Voice artists narrate popular audiobooks, and this gives you a better understanding of modulations or usages. 

Talk to Yourself 

To be able to talk in English, you must first try thinking in English. Turning your internal monologues in English will let you speak out loud without any fear. It is okay if you have no one to listen, you can be your teacher. Speak out loud to yourself to get comfortable with speaking in English. One of the ways you can do this is by practising in front of a mirror. By looking at yourself, you imagine a person on the other side and at the same time take note of your body language and expressions. 

Watch English films and Youtube

Take a break from boring textbooks for a while. Nothing can give you the ideal native English experience than watching American or British films. Film actors will speak in a natural way, and this exposes you to the right way of saying things. Downloading movie scripts and turning the subtitles on will benefit you double. You can gradually develop your English to sound more like a native speaker. 

Some You-Tube channels feature interviews, cartoons and real-life situations in English. Its highly interactive and lets you quickly pick new words, idioms, slangs and phrasal verbs. Youtube Ted Talks and short films are also rich sources of a variety of accents. 

Maintain a Diary in English 

Keeping a diary to note down all that you have learned can get you ahead with your preparation. You may include the new words and phrases or a description of anything you would like to write about- say about your best friend or a cricket match! These entries can be made weekly, and as you go further, you may make entries regularly. 

So, while others make productive use of their lockdown time practicing new hobbies, cooking food, and doing everything that excites them, why don’t you upskill your English language proficiency? Adopt these 5 tips and make your Advanced English language learning enjoyable.

article1Bhagya Azariah


She is a postgraduate and CELTA qualified ESL (Teaching English for Speakers of other languages)  trainer with over 10  years of experience preparing different learners (adult/young) for competitive exams such as IELTS, PTE, Cambridge, Edexcel and other local/international exams. She has received numerous international and local awards and fellowships in recognition of her dedication as an educator. 

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