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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose ACCA


The Association of Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) is a prominent accounting organization. To become a member of ACCA, you need to pass some exams. The ACCA qualification certificate has been recognized globally, and many countries/regions consider it to be on the same level as local accounting research.

What is ACCA? ACCA qualification covers all aspects of business management. It covers more technical aspects, such as cost accounting and financing, and theoretical aspects, such as the theory of motivation. For accounting professionals who want to develop their careers, the ACCA exam is beneficial. As a worldwide qualification, ACCA is recognized by employers around the world. ACCA course helps you in grabbing skills that are necessary for a chartered accountant to acquire.

A quick ACCA overview

The ACCA qualification includes:

  • Up to 15 exams.
  • An ethics and professional skills module.
  • Thirty-six months of professional experience obligations.

After completing the qualification, you will become an ACCA member and a certified accountant.

That means you are joining a global community of over 200,000 other members and 500,000 students in 179 countries/regions. It is a truly international qualification, accepted and rewarded by thousands of employers around the world. The ACCA qualification is a first-class qualification.

Top 7 reason to choose ACCA

There are several motives for selecting it. We will talk about some of the significant reasons.

  • Build a better career

ACCA works with business leaders worldwide to ensure that qualifications can help you develop the skills, thinking, and opinion required in the workplace and add the highest value to the business you are engaged in. In short, ACCA is a prestigious qualification that is very appealing to employers.

For you, this means that getting ACCA can enhance your resume and increase the career development opportunities you want now and throughout your career. If you wish to achieve advanced strategic leadership, you must have ACCA qualifications.

  • Comprehensiveness

The ACCA program covers;

tax, law, auditing, professional, business research and ethical issues, financial reporting, financial management, and management accounting. This qualification aims to equip students with a wide range of skills and abilities. The ACCA qualification can help you master the technical and administrative skills required by an accountant. Accounting and Finance is the language of business. Students can also learn the finance function, and financial and management accounting systems with various Finance courses.

ACCA qualification aims to ensure that members acquire all the skills and abilities they need to work in different organizations and duties.

  • Flexible for employees

ACCA exams take place twice a year in June and December. After registering, you will be able to take the exam for the next ten years. If you don't want to pass the exam all at once, you can miss it and check it next time. Furthermore, no coaching class is required. Therefore, the ACCA qualification is very adaptable for both students and employees.

Now, think that you have passed ACCA; starting a business is very exciting, mainly when you focus on innovative ideas in your area of interest. Though, some facets of business management are complex and not very interesting. Corporate finance is one of them. However, the excellent news is that several online professional finance courses and tools can support you to become an expert.

  • Work anywhere in the world

ACCA qualification is established worldwide. Therefore, if you pass the exam, you can work freely anywhere in the world. ACCA has been widely recognized by major international organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations. In addition, accounting institutions have strong relationships with other educational institutions and foreign accounting institutions. To kick-start your career, Test Preparation courses in Dubai can be a great choice!

  • Cost-effectiveness

The ACCA qualification is a very economical way to acquire knowledge and expertise. Members develop not only technical knowledge of accounting and finance but also valuable organizational and strategic management skills. The combination of technical and management skills improves the career expectations of members.

  • Continued professional development

ACCA members must continue to develop their professional skills throughout their lives. It will keep the knowledge and skills of ACCA members up to date. They have to keep learning to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. It allows ACCA members to work in a volatile and rapidly changing environment.

  • If you stop halfway, the ACCA is still worth it.

ACCA wants all students to continue to take the exam and obtain a full credential but also recognizes that it can sometimes hinder their lives. Therefore, they introduced core qualifications into the process. It means that ACCA is not all or nothing. Even if you're done for the first time, ACCA is still worth it because you still have a degree that promotes your professional development.

If you are fully qualified, it is an ideal choice, and you are a Certified Accountant and ACCA member. However, even if you have completed all the exams but not other obligations, you are still an ACCA assistant. In addition, you will earn a master's degree in accounting and economics after passing the first two levels of the exam: Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills and Ethics and Professional Skills modules.

ACCA is excellent because you can get started now. However, if you change your mind or change your situation in the future, you will not waste your time.


If you are eager to put in your work, make specific sacrifices, and survive the occasional hard times, ACCA is worth it. You may encounter some setbacks, but you will learn from your blunders and keep working hard. Plus, it will bring you enormous benefits, such as global careers and higher returns. But, if you are unsure of your workload, think you can pass the exam, or if you are not sure if you want the exam, ACCA may not be suitable for you.

article1Mohamed Shafi


He is a Financial Accounting trainer with over 7 years of teaching experience in Financial accounting fundamentals and software. Apart from training experience, he has industry experience of two years as a senior accountant at GCC countries. He is well versed in Tally, Sage 50, Zoho Books and SAP FICO.

He follows easy to learn methodologies which work wonders on his training. He loves to travel a lot and has a craze in driving too. His passion for teaching and training engages him to attend conferences and in exploring new areas of learning.

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