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article1Bhagya Azariah

Why English language skills important for your future?


Do you know that English is the official language in more than a quarter of the countries in the world? It’s the most widely used language in the world. English language communication has become a necessity for everyone in today’s world. 

Communication skills are becoming more important in our professional lives also. From obtaining a good career to advancing our career growth, excellent communication skills have become a necessity. Our competence and potential are undoubtedly measured by excellence in our language skills. 

Learning a language isn’t easy, but you can start it at home. Reading books, newspapers and talking to friends in English are the simplest ways to improve language skills. Today, there are several English language clubs and libraries that function actively in our society. As English is the language of international communication, the media and the internet, learning English is important from our personal to professional lives!

Why is the English Language important?

There are several reasons why you should learn the English language. Let’s check out the major benefits of English Language proficiency. 

  • Gain more opportunities to study in the best schools in the world
  • Boost your career prospects with English
  • English is the language of the media industry
  • English gives you access to the technology
  • English is the language of Business
  • Connect with people and places

1. Gain more opportunities to study in the best schools in the world

Want to learn in the best schools based in English-speaking countries?  Good English language skills will fetch you more opportunities to study at top universities. A wide range of schools around the world offer classes in English. A lot of international organizations offer scholarships to English proficient international students. 

Enrolling in a university program in an English-speaking country requires you to speak, read, and write effectively in English. You can successfully participate in discussions, assignments, and other academic texts only if you are proficient in the language. Once you have good scores in tests like IELTS and TOEFL that gives you better opportunities in your dream country. 

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2. Boost your career prospects with English

Proficient language can change your entire future by opening new career opportunities. It can benefit you if you are working in a multinational organization. Knowing more languages, you possess an advantage over other candidates who speak only one language. Effective communication with foreign clients and business partners will help you with climbing the career ladder. Today, there are several options to learn a language. If you wish to develop your language skills, our Advanced English Training in Dubai can help you.  

3. English is the language of the media industry

As we know, English is prominent in global media. If you know English fluently, you won't need to rely on subtitles to enjoy your favorite books, songs, films, and TV shows. Most of the world’s reputed and classic films, books, and music are produced in English. With good language skills, you can enjoy the vast entertainment sector. Thus, English gives you access to multiple cultures as you can communicate with various people.

4. English gives you access to the technology

English is the language of technology and the internet too. Learning English is significant as it gives you access to more content on the internet. However, your access to the world of knowledge will be limited if you do not learn the English language. 

Do you know that English is the primary language of the press? The number of newspapers in English is higher than in any other language. In a nutshell, knowing the English language gives you access to more information. 

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5. English is the language of Business

Businesses need to conduct research, market, communicate and develop several connections. For this, English language proficiency is crucial. In business, you’ll be expected to conduct business transactions in English. Also, memos, emails, contracts, reports, agreements, and more are significant in business.

Email is now a very common way to talk with people all over the world even for commercial purposes as well as personal purposes. Email is the primary way for many companies to communicate with customers and other businesses. So, English language proficiency will always be an asset to grow in your career and business. 

At senior positions, your communication skills play a more important role. In the corporate world, communication is important to communicate with cross-functional teams and within your organization. You will also have to effectively communicate with external stakeholders, customers, regulators, and governments which makes language proficiency important.

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6. Connect with people and places

As we know English is the official spoken language in 54 countries in the world and is used as a lingua franca. English is universally regarded as the language for connecting with people from other cultures. English can certainly broaden your social network undoubtedly. You can easily make new friends around the globe if you know English. At the end of the day, connecting with people and making friends is fun, right?

article1Bhagya Azariah


She is a postgraduate and CELTA qualified ESL (Teaching English for Speakers of other languages)  trainer with over 10  years of experience preparing different learners (adult/young) for competitive exams such as IELTS, PTE, Cambridge, Edexcel and other local/international exams. She has received numerous international and local awards and fellowships in recognition of her dedication as an educator. 

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