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  • Study the functions, objectives, and scope of contemporary warehousing operations
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Here's All You Need To Discover Your Career in the Warehousing Sector 

Warehouse management training is very much essential if you are in the field of store maintenance or storekeeping. Get a clear understanding of the fundamentals for estimating the flow of material and workloads in a warehouse or a center for distribution to facilitate a cost-effective program. Edoxi training institute is offering Warehouse Management training in Dubai for people who want to choose this as a career. If you are highly interested, then this course is very much essential for you.

This course is right for you because we offer the much-needed know-how and techniques to systematize or to enhance the functioning methods in distribution centers and warehouses. This course discusses the finest methods to store and protect inventories which are highly valued. We shall also talk about modern methods, fine features of a modern warehouse. We shall also help you discover numerous methods to attain record exactness and thriving cycle counting.

Course Topics:

Below, we have listed a few topics that are taught in our Warehouse management training institute. There are more such course topics you will find once you visit our training center and attend our sessions.

  • Introduction to Warehouse Management
  • Types of warehouses
  • Analysis of the different warehouse operations
  • Systematic Layout Planning
  • Storage systems & Internal transport
  • Warehouse functioning
  • Dynamic priority management
  • Analysis of operational procedures
  • Inventory taking methods
  • Data Identification
  • Costs and investment analysis
  • Storage of Hazardous Materials
  • Connecting Warehouse Control Units
  • Transportation Relevancy
  • Shipment Cost Document Relevancy
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Stock Removal Process
  • Lean Warehouse Management
  • Flexibility & Productivity
  • Key performance indicators

Course Methodology:

Our Ware House Management training institute in Dubai will utilize a blend of interactive learning tools like case studies, videos, group discussions, questionnaires, team exercises, etc.

Course Objectives:

Here are a few course objectives. After the completion of this course, aspirants are capable enough to:

  • Describe the challenges, intent, and functions of warehousing.
  • Carry out ABC inventory organization and cycle counting and compute record precision and discrepancies.
  • Recognize the various kinds of storage and material handling systems.
  • Enhance supervisory skills and contract more successfully with warehouse staff concerns.
  • Improve skills for maintenance and safety inside the warehouse.
  • Gauge the productivity of the warehouse utilizing the exact Key Performance Indicators and carry out a systematic review of the warehouse.

Target Audience:

The target audience is those people who are engrossed in warehousing (store) actions, at operational and managerial levels. Our Store Keeping Course in Dubai is also apt for anyone who has the interest to learn more about communication between warehousing and other materials management functions.

Target Competencies:

  • Customer service
  • Safety management
  • Warehouse operations
  • Staff relations
  • Warehouse auditing
  • Record accuracy

Warehouse manager duties:

  • Overseeing and recording deliveries and pickups.
  • Loading and unloading resources and supplies.
  • Supervise and enhance shipping procedures to take full advantage of shipping effectiveness and competence.
  • Preserving inventory records and the tracking system.
  • Choosing the right places for storage.
  • Supervise physical inventory and converse inventory stages to workforce and sales force.
  • Schedule and coordinate shipments to all warehouses.
  • Rotating stock as necessary.
  • Manage warehouse staff.
  • Organize shipping containers, maintaining supplies, etc.
  • Altering inventory levels to reproduce receipts and payments.

For doing all these duties, you must have good knowledge on inventory control and warehousing systems, procedures of loading and unloading, perilous materials storage, etc. Undoubtedly, it is necessary that the warehouse inventory is supervised properly, which helps in having enough space to accumulate inbound goods and to make sure that restaurants, shops, or manufacturing facilities are supplied with outbound goods at the exact time in the accurate amount.

Finally, we can conclude by saying that Edoxi training institute is offering the best Certification in Warehouse management in Dubai at present. Our vast experience shows why students and professionals pick us for their training needs. If you get trained at the best training institute, only then opportunities come looking at you. We have mastered today’s technology and how it should be used to perform different things.

Also, we understand the significance and necessities of modern organizations. Based on their needs, we give training to professionals. We feel that only then the candidates who got training will be selected. We greatly value our judgments and that is been the true source of our success. Give us a call today and pave your way for a bright future.

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